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The region is known for the hospitality of its inhabitants, which visitors can enjoy while staying in one of the traditional houses that can be found along the trail in all three countries. The variety of accommodation ranges from traditional stone houses, so called “Kulas”, to mountain huts and small mountain lodges where local and home-made dishes are served by the local hosts.

Accommodation along the trail can be found in the following sites:

1. Theth, Rragam Albania

2. Valbonё, Albania

3. Cerem, Balqin Albania

4. Dobёrdol Albania; Bjeshka e Belegut Kosovo

5. Milishevc, Rugova Camp Kosovo

6. Reka e Allagёs, Drelaj Kosovo

7. Leqinat i Kucishtёs, Kosovo

8. Babino Polje, Treskavicki Katun Montenegro

9. Plav, Kolenovica Katun Montenegro

10. Vusanje, Montenegro